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Nomad is a new design for cheaper cross-chain communication without header verification. It features many of the features an optimistic mechanism, like public verification, low gas fees, broad participation, with a slightly different security model.

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Address Name Tag Balance Txn Count
0xc234a67a4f840e61ade794be47de455361b52413Nomad: madDAI Token0 GLMR2,220
0x8f552a71efe5eefc207bf75485b356a0b3f01ec9Nomad: madUSDC Token0 GLMR34,985
0x8e70cd5b4ff3f62659049e74b6649c6603a0e594Nomad: madUSDT Token0 GLMR5,785
0x1dc78acda13a8bc4408b207c9e48cdbc096d95e0Nomad: madWBTC Token0 GLMR2,202
0x30d2a9f5fdf90ace8c17952cbb4ee48a55d916a7Nomad: madWETH Token0 GLMR9,815
Sum of 5 Accounts0 GLMR55,007
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